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(Warning - there's an uninteresting rant below.)

I am a bit worried about my mom - she broke her ankle, had it fixed by surgery, can't leave the house because she can't put her foot to the ground until the doctor says so... and my younger brother has not visited her for the past 22 days. She is getting sadder by the minute.
He and my sister-in-law have found a new religion and we suspect they've spent every single night in church since then. I have no problems about that: if he finds comfort and feels better in there, fine. What I find hard to understand is why he has not found time to see his own mom. Religion is an important part of life, but I am refraining from asking him, "Erm, speaking of religion, remember the first commandment, 'Honor thy father and mother'??? Or the Bible you guys are using skips that part?"
I am praying that they are not falling prey to one of those cults in which they take your money promising great things and blah.
To anyone who bothered reading - sorry. I needed to get it out of my chest, my husband is the best confidant ever, but it is not fair to lay this burden on him, he has his own issues this week at work. I cannot write about it anywhere else, and since my family doesn't even know about this account, this is the only outlet I have.

To my American friends at LJ: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I thank God everyday for the blessing of calling you friends!

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I totally agree with you. If your brother has time to go to church every night, he has time to visit his injured mother. I take it that the person who is shouldering this responsibility is you.

While we are from different cultures, I note that my uncle skipped Thanksgiving dinner today. He preferred to be in a bar. His sister (my Mom) and nieces did all the work and looked after 97-year-old Grandma, who hasn't seen him in months, although he lives close by.

Some men are really great about family, but some use their masculinity as an excuse to be laaaazy and selfish. I hope your brother changes his ways. If not, your mother is lucky that she has a daughter (and a son-in-law?) who cares about her and her wellbeing.

Good for you for getting this off your chest. Warm wishes to you--


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