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Happy New Year!
To all LiveJournal friends, Happy New Year! May it be the one in which your aspirations come true.

In case you ever wondered, this is how Santa Claus looks like when he visits Brazil:


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And you also have a warm winter ?

Re: And you also have a warm winter ?

Hello there!
In fact, winter can be very harsh in this part of Brazil! We live in the southeast, so we need to go out dressed in scarves, wolly hats, gloves and thick coats, because the wind is biting and the air is really cold and hard...
Are you Russian, porosyonok_pluh?
Best wishes from Brazil (right now, rainy Brazil, hahaha!)

Yes, we in Russia New Year was rainy and in the news again, scientists thought of the "global warming". But now, everything returned to normal, and frosts are the same scientists talk about the "return of the Ice Age due to change of direction of the Gulf Stream."

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